1. Service

Tyrolia Mundus is an artistic project conceived for the b-side arts festival, Porland, UK (2022). This Website is a component of a multimedia art work by the same name. Tyrolia Mundus is not an actual company or brand. All „information“ provided on this website is fictitious. Responsible for the content of this website are the artists Claudia Antonius and Jörg Jozwiak (Institute of Inter-witted research), Vienna, Austria. Web: http://intersinn.art/ . Contact:

2. Intellectual Property and Copyright

All materials within the site, unless indicated otherwise below, are the intellectual property of the artists. Such materials may not be copied save to the extent necessary to view them online. However, you may print complete pages of the site as hard copies for your own personal use.

Graphic material:
Graphic material was produced by the artists or requires no further attribution. The latter pertains to graphics provided by the image data base freepik.com under a commercial obtained held by Jörg Jozwiak.
All CAD imagery and digital simulations of buildings: By courtesy Alexander Kozlov (copyright)
Other graphic material:

Slider images in the top section:
Image 1 (Beach house, palm beach): Background by „vgm8383“ (CC, via flickr), Middleground by „K. Danko“ (CC, commons.wikimedia.org)
Image 2 (Cliffs of Moher): Background by Keith Ewingvia (CC, via flickr)
Image 3 (Arab town): Background by Francisco Anzola (CC, via flickr)
Image 4 (Turenne, Corrèze): Background by Jolivet Daniel (CC, via flickr)

In section „A perfect pair: Haus Wörgl and Haus Kitzbühel“
> „Portland“: Portland Bill (lighthouse, drone view): damo1977 (CC, flickr)
> „Security Writ Large“: Fence: haru__q (CC, flickr)

In section „Property Amenities“: Concierge Icon: The Noun Project (CC)